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Darlene Ghoreyshi, M’lis Wellness Mentor
My Story
In high school when I was dealing with IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) and living on Imodium A-D, my life revolved around constant abdominal pain and always on the lookout for the closest restroom. This led to subsequent gall bladder removal.
Although skeptical of alternative health, my wellness journey began when I, along with my sister, attended an alternative health care training seminar in 2003 sponsored by the M’lis Company.  The wellness mentors provided me with a Candida questionnaire.  I scored high.  The wellness mentors advised me to begin with the Candida cleanse program accompanied by a daily schedule.  In order to support each other, we did the program together.  The program consisted of not eating anything that contained yeast or was difficult for the body to digest, taking herbs to detox the body and supplements to build the immune system.  To further flush out toxins, the program included exercise, body wraps, massage, ionic foot cleanses, drinking lots of water and several liquid days.
Thirty days later; we were both SYMPTOM FREE!  We learned that our bodies could heal themselves if provided with the right tools and environment.  Through this experience, the journey with M’lis began and continues today.
After my healing and ten years and hundreds of successful programs later (see testimonials), I am passionate about helping others achieve improved health in coordination with M’Lis.